Pic-up: a storyboarding application

Pic-up: a storyboarding application


Pic-up is a storyboarding tool designed to help students make storyboards for HCI product design. It provides access to a library of claims, which are design features paired with the possible advantages and disadvantages that that feature could offer. Each claim is represented as a card, which the user can drag and drop to construct the pictorial portion of their storyboard. Each card can be "flipped over" using a right-click to show the claim text, and can be shown in more detail by double-clicking on it. Users can also create their own cards, edit existing cards, and construct a narrative to their storyboards.

The application is divided into three resizeable workspaces: Browse, where you can access the claims library; My Workspace; where you can separate out cards as well as create and edit cards; and Storyboard, where you can lay out cards and construct a narrative.

This application was designed with nontraditional displays in mind, so if you have multiple monitors, a touch screen display, or a tablet PC, go ahead and try it out using those features! Our aim was to provide natural interaction with the claim cards.

Instructions: Click on the links at the bottom to try it out.

You will need these things:

Flash Player
Internet Explorer
A Flex known issue makes this application work beautifully in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. However, typically, if you're using Firefox and click "Dismiss All" on the first error, the application will continue to work.

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